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Dog & Puppy Training in Sherman Oaks

Andy’s Pet Grooming and Daycare premier dog training offers flexible programming for every dog and every lifestyle. Our training methods are designed to best suit the dog and parent while using reward-based techniques. Our safe, family-friendly training is fun and effective and enriches dogs at every stage of life. Whether it’s in a group setting, private lessons or training while you’re away, our Professional Certified Trainers will work to design a program that meets your needs and your schedule.

We look forward to seeing you and your pup, and welcoming you to the community.


The purpose of training is to establish communication channel between the dog and the owner in the form of commands, which are precisely understood and followed by a dog. And the owners expect nothing more and nothing less. Every program will attempt to teach dogs the commands and obedience and proper response; however, none of these achievements will remain enforced as time goes by and therefore these training programs is a waste of money. The Dependable K9 (DK9) program used by our instructors recognizes that and in the beginning concentrate on developing focus between handler and the dog. That builds the necessary foundation for the training to follow. That is one of the aspects of DK9 training, which separates our program from other forms of training.

How It Works

Typically the dogs respond to training in about 3 weeks. The dog owners are part of the program. The basic obedient component of the program lasts between 30 to 45 days. In some cases dogs have habits, which prevent the ability to establish focus within a 1 to 2 weeks and may take longer to break through.

The typical recommended schedule is listed below. However, the program may be custom tailored to each owner’s recommendation and the dog’s needs. From experience, the dog responds best, when a play time is included with the training, so the dog may put in use the latest training and reinforce what was taught.


3 or 4 sessions per week, 1 hour long

  • 20-30 minutes of training
  • 10-20 minutes play time
  • 10 minutes Q&A

Per Session

  • $125 per hour
  • $75 per 30 minutes


  • 5 sessions (1 hour) – 5% discount (1 hour – $118)
  • 10 sessions (1 hour) – 10% discount (1 hour is $112)
  • 20 sessions (1 hour) – 15% discount (1 hour – $106)


Basic obedience included in the package

  • Place
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Leash etiquette
  • Recall


  • Basic obedience commands (from above)
  • Off leash etiquette

PUPPY STARTER (In previous training and under 6 months)

  • House breaking
  • Crate training
  • Leash intro
  • Leash pressure

Why Choose Us

We get calls from people, who went through training and they report that the dog is unresponsive to their commands, wondering if other programs can help. We are trained to assess where the dog is, in the obedience training or the lack of. That helps us to formulate the custom tailored plan specific to your dog requirements, because every dog has individual needs and behaviors. The owner’s input is important to customize the final program.

As the dog progresses and reaches last step in training called “proofing”, meaning, the dog will listen to the handler in any environment with various distractions. That sets us apart from other training programs.

Joshua studied under master trainer in Schutzhund dog discipline and had a lot of success with different dog breeds which do well in the program. The school was active since 2019. We have many satisfied clients. The prices are reasonable. The training may be done at the client’s home up to 25 miles from 91367 zip code.